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Taco Bell's Xbox Giveaway

Jul 3, 2012

In Canada only, from July 2, 2012 until Sept 2, 2012 pick up your contest instant win scratcher cards, go online, enter your PIN, answer the easy skill testing question and have your chance to win.

Skill Question

The questions are simple four step math problems so there is no need to worry about it, but be warned if you answer incorrectly your winning will be forfeited with no do overs, so just spend the 60 seconds to answer properly and you'll be fine. By the way you get 60 seconds to answer the question but you'll only need like 15-30 seconds to do it and have time to double check.

As I said the questions are all four part and all math, you need to know how to add, subtract, multiply and divide, so example:

Multiply10 * 15
Add 50
Subtract      20

Answer = 0

Didn't Win?

Not everyone is going to win the big prizes, but we can all enjoy the fun nature of the contest, anticipation of winning or not and since there are multiple rounds, the last rounds have the most prizes available so there is always tomorrow! And of course the bonus coupon for Taco Bell's Spicy Chicken Crunchwrap Supreme Meal for Two, $9.99.


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