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Game Developers are like Your Friends

Sep 6, 2012

Blizzard - Internet Friend
You only know his from the internet, since he refuses to ever hang out offline.

Bethesda - Trip Friend
Buddy you met on a road trip - and now you seem to go on another road trip with his every year. Weeks of your life disappear before your eyes, as if you were in another world. Always is crawling with fleas and other bugs, but usually it's not enough to affect the great time you're having.

EA - Rich Friend
Comes from money, really into sports. Always pressuring you to buy stuff from some crummy store his family owns. When your other friends spend a lot of time with his, they tend to disappear. Probably gets more flack than he actually deserves, even though you're pretty sure he's a serial killer.

Sega - Other Friend From Childhood
He moved to town a few years after Nintendo. His family has fallen on hard times latelu. Tough to hang out with, since all he wants to do is remember "the good ol' days." Nowadays he just shows up at parties, stares at his cell phone, and leaves.

Microsoft - Foreign Friend
Always asking for you to pay for stuff, and the exchange rate for his country's currency doesn't make any sense. He has a red rings on his junk that he showed you once. You two didn't speak for about 6 weeks after that.

Activision - Repetitive Friend
Keeps telling the same jokes and stories year after year after year. You still laugh, but each year a little less.

Zynga - Copycat Friend
Clearly tells jokes and stories that some of your other friends came up with, only worth and while needing you for money. Gets really upset when you don't post about him on Facebook.

Nintendo - Friend From Childhood
You've known his forever. Really quirky, always trying to reinvent himself, but still fun to hand out with. You feel like he never really grew up, but that's okay, you have other friends for when you wanna do "mature" stuff.

Sony - Screw-Up Friend
Always has to fix something whenever you want to do anything. Hard to trust him after he let you credit card get stolen a few years ago. At least he doesn't make you pay for anything.

Valve - Your Cat
Loyal, friendly, and the internet loves him.

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