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Terror In Scranton

Apr 11, 2012

News reports of the local menace Creed Bratton have been rolling in as of 6:35 am this morning when Mr. Bratton was seen terrorizing local office workers from a rooftop nest, he was seen flying a toy remote controled helicopter.

"He had this deranged look in his eyes, like he thought we were coming after him or something, he kept shouting at us on the ground but I couldn't understand what he was saying, but I was scared" said a witness from this mornings events.

Mr. Bratton fled the scene before Police arrived on the scene and has continued making trouble on his latest and most outrageous crime spree along the Scranton office district up to the conservation forest in the north. .


Police Report

Mr. Bratton has been diagnosed with a long history of hysterical episodes and delusional paranoia. According to the Scranton, Pennsylvanian Police Department (SCPD) Mr. Bratton has been involved in a number of cults both as a leader and follower "You have more fun as a follower, but you make more money as a leader" said by Mr. Bratton and been held as a suspect in numerous murder and missing persons cases, courtesy  of the SCPD. Mr. Bratton is a known master of disguise which has aided in evasion of legal prosecution.

Character Reference

Despite clashes with society and the law Creed Bratton has been able to conform in a working environment. He is generally well liked by his coworkers, however little is known about his life or past.  His resourcefulness and duplicity are his defining traits along with his senile behavior and ignorance of the modern world.

A Wanted Persons Bulletin has been released by the Scranton City PD, along with a reward by Crime Stoppers and numerous bounties have been issued, if Mr. Bratton is not found soon it is rumored that Dog the Bounty Hunter will be called in.

If you have any information or think someone you know has information regarding Mr. Bratton's whereabouts you are urged to contact the local authorities. Do not be mistaken for Mr. Bratton's friendly redeemer, for your own safety do not approach and we plan to have Creed Bratton is custody soon where he can receive the help he desperately needs.