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Dear NHL

Dec 7, 2012

Dear NHL,
While you and the players are fighting over who gets what percentage of the fans hard earned $$ we the fans are going to find other ways to spend our hard earned $$ when you finally come to a compromise and start the season we will have a lockout of our own. We pay you $10-$20 just to park near your arenas, we pay you $35-$200 to sit in your arenas, we pay $8-$10 per beer in your arenas, we pay $8-$10 for a chincy slice of pizza or a stupid pretzel in your arenas. We wait in long lines for all of this and never argue when you raise the prices every year. We show our loyalty year in year out and you continually show your lack of loyalty yet again!!! So how about we boycott your product for a while and see what you have to fight about then! Sincerely one angry fan!!!! *COPY & PASTE IF YOU AGREE

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