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Dynamic View Template: Unreliable

Feb 25, 2013

I've been using Blogger's patented Dynamic View blog template for a while and on a couple of different blogs and I've learned something. While it looks good, and is unique in comparison to the other templates offered. I've determined the Dynamic View is unreliable, I am saying this because more often than not; the Page bar doesn't load, side bar doesn't load, cannot customize layout and is very slow to load. If a blogger can't design his/her site the way they see fit, and if half the content never shows up, it doesn't matter how dynamic a template is, it simply isn't worth using. For this and other reasons I have decided to move my Dynamic View blogs away from this template and search for new designs. Maybe I will go with the good old reliable Simple template.

Some sites currently using Dynamic View:
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Have you as a blogger or visitor ever experienced technical errors with the Dynamic View template? Share your views bellow in the comment section.