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15 Hilarious Animated GIFs

May 28, 2014

These are some of my most shared gifs. Guaranteed laughs or your money back!

Twin Stephens Animated GIF
Colbert and King in matching sweaters. Clearly, as you can see, Stephen King is thrilled about this.

Sexy Animated GIF

Cat Prank Animated GIF
A cat on the internet, you don't see that everyday, this is either an attempt to keep a draft out or a bad prank, but regardless, it's pretty funny.

Darth Raver Animated GIF
Adding a Star Wars reference almost always results in a viral sensation.

Don't Touch My Pie Animated GIF
We're not sure what exactly spooked the cat in the first place, but adding a pumpkin pie makes for a hilarious GIF.

Dragon Ball Z sexy Animated GIF

Family Guy Stewie Animated GIF

Funny Nigel Thornberry sexy splash Animated GIF

Funny Animated GIF

Guitar Swing Fail Animated GIF
Heads up! This is what happens when you don't secure the strap.

Hasselhoff Has Lost It Animated GIF
It's a bird. It's a plane. It's....David Hasselhoff?

I Am A Cat Animated GIF
YouTuber Sidneyraz is famous for dancing in public, whether it's in a Thanksgiving turkey costume, or as a cat. This is how the police react to it.

Nigel and the Beast Animated GIF
For some odd reason, Nigel Thornberry has become a major trend on the web. His awkward face has been added to a number of pop stars and Disney princesses.

Scumbag Panda Animated GIF
This GIF was made in response to an old funny commercial, "Never Say No to Panda".

Toddlers and Tiaras Animated GIF
Whether you love, hate, or love to hate this show, this girl's got some moves.

You've made it to the end of the list. Leave a comment for your favorite gif AND/OR share your own.