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31 Cats and Dogs to smile and laugh

Jul 9, 2014

Photo gallery of thirty-one adorable, humerus and lovable dogs, cats and other furry friends. Guaranteed to cause smiles and laughter. Comment and share for everyone picture that reminds you of a special someone.

Adorable puppy sleeping upside-down

Tiny dog frightened by buddle

Cat I don't do touchy feely I do scratchy-bleedy meme

Meme ///and then the cat fell in the toilet... and, and...dude stop! STOP! You're killing me!! dogs laughing

Dog Hair is a condiment in this house Disney meme

Giant white furry dog standing bigger than woman

Three puppies sleeping in inflatable pool toy

Am I doing it right? Cat meme tiger

You know its hot when even the dog starts to melt meme

Adorable kitty meme "I don't think I like your attitude"

Cut dog meme "I forgot my doggies dentures!"

No, I have not slept well why do you ask? Monkey meme

No, I haven't seen your LSD... Have you seen the '&!?#$@ DRAGON in the kitchen? cat meme

Don't you just hate it when you find dog hair in your drinking water meme

Farmer dog meme. Ya'll from the city?

Beagle sleeping on two pots

My windows aren't dirty... That's my dog's Nose Art

Dude... I found your brownies. High dog meme

Dogs head out sun roof

I see dead people! Of it's just you without makeup. My bad. Cat meme

Escape attempt 5 percent complete. Dog squishing face through crate

Ahh... Monday is over! dog meme

Liar! We're going to the vet, not McDonald's! Angry Cat meme

Owner said meow he understands my language. Surprised cat meme

There are no bad days... when you come home to a DOGS LOVE.

I kissed a dog And I liked it. Cat Katy Perry Parody

Why in the world would you get a tattoo there of all places? A bottle of tequila, bored and the wrong friends with me. Monkey meme

If I had a dollar for every time my dog made me smile, I would be a millionaire.

Dog meme. nuffin like da feel of da wind in ur teef. Nothing like the feeling of the wind in your teeth.

Dog pulls cart filled with puppies

Hurry! Take the picture. Scary dog meme