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Blade Trinity

May 5, 2012

So I just watched Blade:Trinity. About me, I enjoy the vampire genre, movies, television, games, etc. Its good fun and like zombies you can kill tons of'em and never have to worry about someone taking it personally. Well unless you work in the goth store that sells Count Chocula and Dracula lunch boxes, then if Dracula enters its not a good day.

So ya, I think it was a cool movie. I don't know what happened to Wesley Snipes though, he acts like a sociopath in the movies especially in this one when he's in jail and looking around like the walls are talking to him or something, but thats just part of his vampire hybrid persona I suppose. I heard he went to jail in real life for something. I've also heard other celebrities like Paris Hilton I think went to jail for a day for something a regular person would be in for a few months, I wonder if Mr. Snipes got a lightened sentence due to his celebrity. Does fame make people do crazy things, or does the media glorify the story when an idol has a run in with the law? I think it is both.

Anyways, so the movie, I was entertained. Lots of cool slow motion combat scenes and skulls smashing and vamp staking. **Spoiler Alert** It's too bad Dracula dies at the end though. Why is it that every time Dracula is portrayed in a movie or book or what ever that he has to die? He is generally thousands of years old and yet he gets killed in every debut. Well there hasn't been any story with Dracula as the hero, he is always the antagonist. Perhaps the anime "Hellsing" the main character and hero is a very powerful vampire that protects humans against the undead evils. But I am unaware of him ever being referred to as Dracula, but to be honest I've never seen more than bits and pieces of the series in all my years.

So back to the movie, lots of fighting, some story tying everything together, more fighting, some funnies and a happy ending just as all modern stories must end.