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Danica Talos

May 5, 2012

Golly...Danica Talos...Golly

Why did her character have to die at the end of the Blade movie? What is it about her character that is just so cool. The eyes, the fangs, the attitude, the leadership, the hole dang package. Bravo, to be honest I was displeased that she died at the end but I had to happen, her being a vamp and everything, but part of me was hoping she would have a miraculous change of heart or something, join Blade and the humans and she would be given an antidote so she could live on. 

One as a human, because we're all humans after all.

And I have to comment on Danica's brother (blonde guy in suit) and the big guy (the big guy) they were cool. They all made a great dynamical team that I enjoyed following, like villains that you care about. With individual personalities that exceeded classical boundaries.