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Canadian's thoughts on US elections

Nov 6, 2012

As a Canadian for all my life, I'm not completely knowledgeable about the United States' political system.

I know it's a two party system and facts like that. But what I think. I think it would be in the United States best interest to elect Mitt Romney, because what I know about him is he's a capitalist, I would expect him to run the county like a business, cut costs, make logical decisions and ultimately turn a profit. Which is something America desperately needs these days. Obama has had 4 years and the US is still on the brink of a depression and as one of the greatest economies in the world, if the US goes into a depression that would have a terrible impact on the rest of the world, including my beloved nation of Canada.

Watching C-Span at the moment, it seems like Obama is going to win the election despite the Republican's early lead.

I deeply hope for the United States' economy to recover and return to a thriving economy as it once was. And have learned from it's mistakes. In addition to the US being Canada's closest economic partner, I have a personal investment in the United States well-being.

On a brighter note, Barack has been the President of the United States for the past four years which would be a positive in the case of his victory because his administration has ongoing projects and objectives that may continue, uninterrupted, and potentially aid the US economy.

In my opinion the American people see Republican's as cold, corporate machines that put the rich first, and the Democrats as a more warm and friendly candidate, so the average voter will be more likely to vote Democrat because they want to protect themselves as the middle class.

Experts say the middle class is dying, not only in North America but all around the world. The world economy would be better off to start preparing for a world without a middle class.

This United States Presidency Election is a nail biting event that I can't wait to see who is declared the winner, and follow the progress of the 2012-2016 United States President and his progress and the impact it has on the rest of the world.

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