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Google SEO Synergy

Nov 18, 2012

I would like to know if Google using synergism between the Google search engine and it's other companies/projects.

For example, I am blogging with the Google product Blogger and my blog has another Google product, which is Adsense so more specifically, my question is: Does using Blogger and Adsense (and any other Google products) have an impact on search results from Google searches?

Of course Google being the big company that it is, having many well thought out Policies and standards, so when Google is searching through countless web pages, and it comes across one that it is affiliated with it could be more inclined to give a page with Google content on it a higher ranking in search results. But the Google web crawler is a computer and cant make decisions, such as one regarding nepotism. However the program was created and maintained by humans and Google is a company, so it is entirely possible for the programmers or anyone involved to have made a decision to tell the crawler to give a preferential treatment to Google affiliates.

And we cant deny that instructing the Google search engine to direct traffic to Google affiliates isn't a good strategy because between sending a visitor to a site with Google affiliate content is much better for Google than sending the visitor to some site that has no Google content.

I see nothing wrong with Google search giving preferential rankings to Google affiliate, because ultimately search engine is only giving a list of options to the searcher based on inputted criteria, it is up to the discretion of the searcher to decide what it is they are looking for. And if Google search engine started just displaying page after page of Google only content, the control of traffic would increase for a short amount of time, but would inevitably decrease due to irrelevant results as an ineffective search engine and people would stop using it.

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