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Creative Handicap Accessible Stairs Design

Jan 22, 2013

This is really cool looking but I don't know how safe it would be. I could just see someone not knowing these steps are different in the dark and hits the uneven slope or steps. Then someone in a wheel chair might not navigate the slope properly and end up going down the steps instead. The pattern is still really cool to look at. Ideally there would be a flood light to the left of this photos vantage point to shine an even light on the steps so they're visible at night.

On the other hand, consider this design in a high foot traffic area, with all the hustle and bustle of people walking up and down the stairs, then add in the wheel chairs and work trollies or anything that needs to use the flat surface, it could cause a problem and if just one person doesn't look before they go, they could be knocked down, with lots of people on the steps knocking others down, lots of people could be hurt.