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Do you know the etiquette of your own county?

Mar 14, 2012

So this is a cool site I found called International Business Etiquette, Manners, and Culture (IBEMC) it has a bunch of information on the countries all around the world, starting with an introduction about the Country in questions. Like how Canada has just less than 30 million people twice the size of the United States.  Fun facts are also detailed. The Geert Hofstede Analysis goes over some neat data and compares the country to others in important detail. Next is the appearance criteria, for business, casual, dress for weather and more, this one is interesting to me, especially for someone who travels to new places.  Another cool one is the regional behavior, this part is great and has stuff I never knew. Also communication, this part is cool, like how in Canada a firm handshake and good eye contact  are so important in North America but in a lot of places in the world it is thought of as confrontational  or else. Lastly a list of Resources are given at the end, which is great for someone doing research for schools or business or what ever. And for the general information seekers such as myself I've spent loads of time reading on IBEMC.