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A Reason Not To Smoke

Mar 26, 2012

We all know smoking is bad for many reasons, yet people still do it, so if you're someone who smokes and the health warnings haven't changed your mind read on or pass this article along.

Smoking is an expensive habit, more expensive than you would think.

An average smoker smokes a pack a day, in Canada a pack is like $9.50 (Canadian) so in one year that comes to $3,467.50 (before taxes, and not including lighters, etc..), humans of all ages smoke but lets use someone doing it steadily for 10 years for this example, 10 yrs x $3467.50 = $34,675.00. Now, thats a lot of lettuce. Even after the tenth year cigarettes don't get any cheaper, chances are they will cost more, so every year, everyday, every cigarette is eating more of your hard earned money, it doesn't matter if you throw it away half way through, the price is to get it in your pocket.

Some fun for you, plug in your stats and see what comes up.

(Number of cigarettes smoked in a day) X (Cost of ONE pack) = Cost of Smoking Per Day
                (Cigarettes in a pack)                                                              (CSPD)

To see the cost for longer periods of time:

Week: 7 X Cost of Smoking Per Day (CSPD)
Fortnight: 14 X Cost of Smoking Per Day (CSPD)
Month: 31 X Cost of Smoking Per Day (CSPD)
Year: 365 X Cost of Smoking Per Day (CSPD)

... you get the idea.

To top it off, consider if you would have invested your money spent on cigarettes in a savings account or stock market, with a compounded interest rate, wouldn't it be nice to have that money available for you? Just imagine when you go smokefree, how much extra money will be in your pocket. It's amazing to think about how much money you have wasted over the years on smoking.

So go ahead and imagine smoking had no impact on your health for minute, just take a moment to think of how extra cash you would have today if you never started smoking, or look forward ten years, would you rather have a pile of cash or the memory of cigarettes?
Just some food for thought.

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