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Mar 28, 2012

The Succubus is the spawn of a human and a demon. They are believed to infect their victims by a touch, for example a hand shake. Soon the victim will dream of the creature and will fall deeper into the monster's trance. The longer the victim remains in the Succubus' presence the stronger the infatuation becomes. Fortunately it is believed the infatuation can be neutralized by producing distance between the Succubus and victim. Not too long after the infection, approximately three days at most, the victim will stop at nothing in order to impress the creature, including but not limited to vanquishing anyone that stands in his way and taking his own life. Once the Succubus has completely taken over her victim's freewill she will drain the life energy until he is no more. Succubus are females but males of the species also exist, they are called Incubus.

The Succubus is typically related to Vampires for the main points that they are hybrids of human and demon, predatory creatures that hunt humanity and the isolation that comes from being a solitary predator. Vampires are most commonly created by the spread of the vamperic gene, with the gene originating from some sort of demonic entity. Succubus are bred by a human and demon intermingling, as mentioned above. The Succubus feasts on human men, and her contra-creature the Incubus is a male succubus that feasts on human woman. Vampires drink the blood of any human but all around feed on the innocence of humanity. Lastly because these creatures are both depicted as extremely aggressive hunters, they are incapable of living within large groups within proximity of each other. The Succubus and Incubuses are born and thus have two parents, despite the demon when the male abandoning the child early on it is possible to be summoned by a member of its bloodline. Vampire to can live in small groups to serve the purpose of providing protection or support. Alliances do not need to be restricted by bloodlines, in most stories this is because inevitably the creator and offspring will turn on each other and must decide between separating paths to protect each other the only way they can, or fight to the death that always ends the same because a maker cannot kill its offspring. However a common story trait revolves around a Vampires strength is drawn from old age and purity of blood this would mean an offspring will be incapable of harming its maker.

The offspring between a Demon and Human has also been known as the antichrist, a creature more powerful than demons or angels, although these sort of stories are far less popular.

Now that you know what to look for, you have a better chance to protect yourselves.