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Google Search Impediment

Jul 25, 2012

I have come across this problem with Google results many times and I am sure I am not alone. Sometimes when I use Google to search the Web looking for something with specific text similarities it comes back with a few results that look like what I might be looking for, I read the summary and I want to read more, but when I click the link the page somehow doesn't contain what I was reading in the summary. This is especially frustrating when the landing page is packed with dozens upon dozens of pages of content which then need to be searched through. In many cases this monstrous page is dedicated to one topic and even the find function becomes helpless because there are 60 instances of the term you are searching for, but none match what initially led you to the page.

It would be nice if Google could incorporate some sort of "jump to" option in search results, that would allow searchers to land on the exact content they were searching for, without having to sort through even more irrelevant data upon finding the proper page.

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