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Justin Bieber Facing Six Months In Jail

Jul 25, 2012

Justin Bieber The little white boy who;
sings for little white girls,
dances for old white men,
and is disliked by everyone.
Justin Bieber’s good boy image has completely gone now as it has been revealed there is a huge chance that not only will he be arrested for the alleged assault he will be convicted too.

The 18 year-old was involved in a scuffle at the weekend during a trip to the cinema with girlfriend Selena Gomez, which resulted in the photographer ending up going to hospital and the ‘Boyfriend’ star wanted for questioning by the police. He left the scene before the authorities arrived and spoke to the photographer.

According to TMZ police have decided to refer the case to prosecutors and the star could face up to six months in jail.

Former New York prosecutor Raoul Fedler has told HollywoodLife that the only way the singer can avoid arrest is if his legal team can prove the incident never happened.

Despite his clean-cut image, the former prosecutor claims the best move for the teenager could be to plead guilty even though his team claim the assault didn’t happen.

“He’ll most likely go before the judge and plead guilty because he doesn’t want a jury trial like a Lindsay Lohan situation,” he added. “He’ll apologize and say he’s sorry and didn’t mean to hurt anyone. The judge will probably give him 30 days community service.”

 If he attacked a photographer the victim should have taken some pictures right? Therefore he would have proof, unless the photographer wasn't there to take pictures, and just wanted to see a movie, that is a more likely scenario though. Because there isn't anything to take pictures of at the cinema, unless someone famous was there, but what are the chances of that.

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