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Thunderstorming Tonight

Jul 26, 2012

Tonight we have been gifted with a lovely thunderstorm, thick clouds, shifting rain and tremendous crackling thunder and lightning. The sky lights up with each bolt of lightning, stupendous, you can look North, East, South and West and the sky in every direction turns white all at once.

I think I would enjoy living on some distant planet that is covered almost entirely in water, that way I would be able to enjoy storms so much more often. Wait a moment, this Earth is covered by 70% water isn't it. Why aren't I enjoying a wider array of weather more often? Sun up, sun down, up, down, up down, every once in a while a little rain and that's just about it. Maybe I should try living somewhere more tropical for a while, perhaps Hawaii, that could be nice, warm sunny days, black dark nights and storms so severe the ground trembles.


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