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Change Raising

Oct 23, 2012

Change raising is a way to turn your twenty dollars, into a whole thirty dollars. The way this works is that you keep on putting money on your victims hand. That way he or she will always try to get track of the money. To make this more easier to understand, here is an example.

Peter has 20 dollars.

Sarah has her cash register full of money.

So heres how it goes.

Peter: Hey Sarah whats up?

Sarah: Hey Peter.

Peter: Can I have a 10 dollar bill, for ten 1 dollar bills.

*Exchanges money with each other*

*Peter secretly sneaks the 10 dollar bill into his pocket, while Sarah is counting the money.*

Sarah: Hey Peter theirs only 9 dollars, and one 10.

Peter: Oh that was my 10 you gave me, sorry let me add one more dollar, and you know what, turn those 10, 1 dollar bills, into a another 10 dollar bill, and I think I might get a bagel so heres the 10 you gave me, and change that into 10 1 dollar bills.

*Pay attention, Peter has already put the 10 in his pocket, so the 10 he just gave her must be his.*

Sarah: Sure Peter whatever you say.

*Sarah is now stressed, in other words, she just wants to be done with Peter.*

Sarah: Here you go.

Peter: Thank you Sarah.


What just happened?

Sarah thought she had gone through a friendly change transaction with Peter. But nope. Instead of Peter getting 20 dollars, he got 30. How did that happened? Well we all know that people want to keep track of money, but we are greedy to. So we will surely count the money.But while we count, you think safely that the transaction money is in the other person's hand. Or sometimes they don't even think about it. Thats what I mean about keep on throwing in money. Its going to confuse them, and make them pay less attention to the main money or what you started out with.

Now that we know about "Change Raising" and will better at spotting it in our day-to-day lives.

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