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Kenneth Parcell - Man or Super-Man

Oct 25, 2012

While Kenneth Parcell of 30 Rock appears to be in his mid to late twenties (McBrayer is actually in his late thirties), since the third season, it has been implied numerous times that he is actually much older. Suggestions to Kenneth not being what he seems continues to increase...

  • "The One with the Cast of Night Court", when Kenneth states, "I've worn this old jacket since 19-hubeduh", intentionally mumbling the year. 
  • In the episode "Cutbacks", Kenneth states that he has owned his pet bird, named Sonny Crockett, for almost 60 years. 
  • In a deleted scene from "Mamma Mia", it is implied that he is a veteran of World War II, as he is recognized by an elderly man as one of his fellow troops that served in Normandy. In the episode "Into the Crevasse", Kenneth appears in a 1950s-era flashback, dancing to the song "Doin' the Microwave".
  • In "Subway Hero", to Jack's puzzlement, Kenneth recognizes Bucky Bright, a celebrity who was described as being active in the "40s and 50s". 
  • Similarly, in the episode "Verna", Kenneth states that The Today Show has not been as good since chimpanzee J. Fred Muggs was featured on the show, implying that he watched the program when the primate served as the show's mascot, which was from 1953 to 1957. 
  • In "The Problem Solvers", when Tracy asks him if he "want[s] to be a page forever", Kenneth nervously asks "Who said I've been alive forever?". 
  • In "Future Husband", Kenneth states that he remembers Jenna's first acting role in a commercial that aired in the 1970s, commenting that she was "a fat little baby". 
  • In "Don Geiss, America and Hope", when NBC is bought out by Kabletown, Kenneth becomes worried and asks Jack if they will be implementing new rules for pages, such as "age limits and age verification". 
  • In "Black Light Attack!", Frank's cellphone has a low frequency tone that only people who are over the age of 40 can hear, something which Kenneth is heavily affected by. 
  • In "When it Rains, it Pours", Kenneth is seen packing away an autographed photo of Fred Allen from 1947, that is dedicated: "Kenneth, you're the TOPS!", into a box marked "NBC Memories 1945-1967".
  • In "¡QuĂ© Sorpresa!", when he comes up with the idea of BlaBar, a black bar that would cover the lower half of a television screen as to censor material considered inappropriate, he mentions how elderly viewers are offended by certain things that are on TV, subtly gesturing to himself while saying so. 
  • In the episode "TGS Hates Women", Kenneth comments that, when he first started working as a page at NBC, Shirley Temple taught him to roll cigarettes when she was eight years old, in 1936. 
  • In "Queen of Jordan", Kenneth's chyron reads "Kenneth Parcell: Elderly Page". 
  • During a flash-forward, in the episode "100", Kenneth, Tracy, and Jenna speculate where they will be in five years. The scene then shows three tombstones, with Kenneth's year of birth appearing to be listed as 1781 (although the second digit is partially obscured by a leaf in multiple shots). If this birth date is accurate, it would mean that Kenneth is over 200 years old (it is also worth noting that, while he is buried, the closing scene reveals that Kenneth is not actually dead, further supporting the theory that he is immortal). 
  • In "Today You Are a Man", when Suze Orman asks him his age, he simply replies "Don't worry about it". 
  • In "Leap Day", when Jack tells him to take off his bald cap (as he is impersonating Leap Day Williams), Kenneth awkwardly replies "Yes, take off my bald cap, not put on my wig", implying that he is actually bald. 
  • In "Nothing Left to Lose", he implies that he is an angel, which could possibly be the secret behind his immortality.
  • In "Meet the Woggels!", Kenneth reveals that the only Rock and Roll song he has ever listened to is Mr. Sandman, which was released in 1954, and, during the time it debuted, was considered to be of the Rock and Roll genre. 
  • In "Live from Studio 6H", he is shown as a page during a flashback to an old NBC News Report.
  • In "Governor Dunston", his mother recalls how, on the day he was born, Kenneth informed her that his body was just a "flesh vessel" for an immortal being.

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