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Ultimate Self-Reliance Mega-Manual

Oct 4, 2012

Let's talk about the Ultimate Self Reliance Mega-Manual: 151 Practical Strategies for Thriving in a Shattered Economy by Lee Bellinger - Independent Living. If you don't know what it is about, you haven't missed out on anything of importance, in fact if you never heard of it until now, you are probably better off than the people who have been subjected to the infomercial, countless ads and endless supply of empty promises that only possible impact on it's participants would be to become victims of a fear monger's desperate hoax during a time of recession.

That's right, this so called Mega-Manual is absolutely nothing but the aid of a fear-monger. Roughly 47 minutes of demonizing the American government, economy and citizens. Making wild claims about the end of the world as we know it, how western civilization is on the brink of collapse and the only hope of salvation rests in the pages of this "151 practical strategies" tip book.

At one point the video pauses and at this time the narrator asks you to check to make sure theres no one in ear shot, listening in on this confidential presentation. It's ridiculous, it's available to everyone in the world and largely advertised by GoogleAds.

An infomercial is all this presentation offers. Prompting viewers to buy a subscription to Independent Living, and as an added bonus they are eligible to receive;
The Ultimate Self-Reliance Mega-Manual,
BONUS GIFT #1: Establishing Your Personal Prescription Drug Back-Up Supply,
BONUS GIFT #2: Smart Hoarding 101:
BONUS GIFT #3: 21 Cutting-Edge Strategies for Reclaiming Your Privacy from Snoops, Corporations,
BONUS GIFT #4: Life Saving Basics,
BONUS GIFT #5: The Emergency Dollar Collapse Barter Kit: 14 Essential Items You Should Have Now.,
BONUS GIFT #6: Cut Your Grocery Bills in Half!,

Bonus gift one is about how to stock up on prescription drugs. If there's a shortage of drugs, then it would only hurt the economy if 1% of people bought up 5 years worth of medication. Thus creating the very problem the publishers claimed was coming.

Bonus gift two, Smart Hoarding 101: Do it right and save big money by stocking up on Food, Water and Yes Fuel. Again this self claimed 'solution' is nothing but a cause of problems, if even a fraction of the population starts stock piling resources for themselves the prices will inevitably go up. And what about in the eventuality that these social chaos scenarios come to pass and citizens begin to fight for resources, when the stores run out of stock where are the bandits going to strike? The greedy fools who have been hoarding supplies since the beginning the very people that are part of the problem.

Advocates buying bulk bullets for the future.

Wild accusations about government designating citizens trained on childbirth or edible plants to be classified as terrorists, claims to posses top secret government reports and shows a cartoon envelop.

Makes promises such as; make your own drugs and anti-biotic, how to get out of traffic tickets, info public wont know about for years.

In addition to selling magazine subscriptions one of the key arguments the presentation makes is how they think the American dollar will become worthless. So their solution is for people to stock up and spend all their hard earned money on gold and silver and great news, the same people who bring us the presentation also offers to sell us gold and silver coins and other scraps. They grantee once the economy tanks, the value of gold and silver will sky rocket and make you super rich. But only a stupid person would fall for something like that, if the end of the world was upon us, would the public really be clamoring over shiny coins? No, the value of gold and silver would plummet, you wont even be able to get a sandwich for all of King Tuts gold.

The economy went bad because of poor structure and even worse decisions. It will continue to go down because people stop spending, the program gives the idea the world is about to end, and tells viewers they need to hoard food, supplies and run away. If everyone has at least one job and spends within their means, the United States economy would be in pristine condition, but everyone wants something for nothing and that's what they'll get. Looking for easy solution or get rich quick schemes is only going to be poorly disappointed. And that's what you'll get with the Ultimate Self-Reliance Mega-Manual, plain and simple.

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