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Aug 31, 2012

As weapons evolve in design and destructive power, what will be the final weapon? Will we even make it that far or will we all be blown to dust before we ever reach the end? Current weapons are capable of vaporizing the entire planet, but what about beyond Earth. Will we eventually develop science capable of destroying an entire solar system or even a galaxy? How can we ever live in peace under the fear that there is always going to be some entity out there that has his/her/its finger hovering over the button that could end everything in one flash. Could we possibly evolve to a point, in the distant future where we no longer need to fear anything, could we possibly believe in a day when we (or our decedents) could evolve to a state of being that transcends living as we know it. Shed our physical forms and experience life as something greater? We could be gods, would we fear destruction from another god? Or would we all be one combined entity in harmony with the rest of the universe.

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