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Sleep Or Die [Infographic]

Aug 27, 2012

I know few people that dislike sleep, it is a beautiful luxury at times, but so many of us skimp on beauty sleep and it is having more impact than you perhaps might think. We are recommended to take around 7 hours of sleep a night, at a regular bed (and wake) time each day. Personally, I hate the idea of spending over one-third of my day not doing anything productive – but the studies that went into this infographic show that your productivity, creativity and alertness is heightened with sleep and could be a better opportunity cost after all.

Not getting the right amount of sleep each might can have serious health risks and can leave long-lasting effects on your body and mind.

Health Risks of not Sleeping

7 - 9 HRS The recommended amount; improves health and daily alertness
5 - 7 HRS The average amount that American adults sleep each night
0 - 5 HRS Puts you at high risk for a number of health problems.
  •  2.5X Higher risk for diabetes
  • 45% Higher risk for heart attack
  • 12% Higher risk of death (under any circumstance)

Insomnia on the Brain
Lack of sleep causes parts of your brain to slow or shut down completely.

Parietal Lobe
Math & Logic
Effect: Slower thought processes and difficulty forming logical conclusions to problems.

Difficulty learning new tasks and making novel connections.

Temporal Lobe
Effect: Slurred Speech.

Frontal Lobe
Creative Thinking
Effect: Lack of imagination or originality, lack of focus, stuttering, use of cliches in speech.

Prefontal Cortex
Judgment and Visuals
Effect: Blurred vision and hallucinations.

Your Body Without Sleep

Increased hunger for salty, fatty foods.

Lack of sleep activates your body's SNS system (Fight or Flight Response) causing it to store fat reserves and release hormones that keep you from winding down at night.

Less than 7 hours of sleep = Weight Gain
Reduced Leptin Production = Increase Appetite

Driving on Fumes.

In driving tests, adults who had been awake for long periods of time preformed on par with drivers who had consumed alcohol.

17 - 19 HRS Without sleep = .05 BAL
21 HRS Without sleep = .08 BAL - Legally Drunk

How to get Better Sleep

Establishing a regular nightly pattern will help you get better sleep and improve your health.

Recommended 7 HRS of Sleep

60 MIN Window
Establish Natural Rhythms
Go to bed and wake up within the same 60 MIN windows everyday to establish natural circadian rhythms.

60 MINS Before Bed
Turn Off Distractions
Turn off the TC and computer, thurn down the lights and listen to soothing music or read a book for pleasure.

90 MINS Before Bed
Take a Bath
Heating up your body followed by slow cooling causes relaxation and drowsiness.

No Stimulants
Even if you can fall asleep after drinking a red bull, stimulants interfere with melatonim production, whoch reults in low quality of sleep and morning sluggishness.

Turn Off Your Brain
Stay away from work-related activities, exercise, pr entertainment that overexcites your brain, like horror movies, for an hour before bedtime.

Lose Weight
Not only do rates of obesity increase with less sleep, so does the risk for adverse side-effects like sleep apnea and hypertension.

There is no record of anyone ever dying from lack of sleep...
Eventually they just pass out.

However, lack of sleep can make you unhealthy in a number of ways that will lead to your early demise.

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