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Living in 'CA' Rocks

Aug 6, 2012

So the area code 'CA' is that supposed to be Canada or California (An American State)?

For example Canada is a county and therefore has presidency over a single state. But then again, from the 2011 census California, USA has a greater population by 3,209,133 people, that's like 91% of California's population is equal to the entire Canadian population.

So as a Canadian I tend to assume CA is short for Canada, unless there is reference to American material then chances are the abbreviation is being used for California.

Canada 34,482,779 - 2011

California 37,691,912 - 2011

If one of the 50 American states' population outnumber all of Canada, then Canada has very few people in comparison to The United States, but then considering there are billions and billions of people residing in densely concentrated cities in only a few Eastern countries then by relation the US isn't overly populated, and Canada is practically empty, this is nice, it feels like Canada is the first class of the global community. Tons of leg room, fresh air, pretty of food and resources, life is sweet.

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