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Wednesday Funny Strip

Aug 7, 2012

"A white guy?"
 Olympic Glory!
If you don't like what I fucking post;
these is a unfriend button right there.
Jersey Shores take on Facebook.

Exorciiiiise the Demons!
Toddler exorcises infant brother.

Genuine Ugly Bag
Heavy duty for extra ugliness
Directions: Open bag and place over head of ugly person with face side facing forward. Instantly creates beauty where there is none.
Note: For super ugly persons two bags may be necessary in case one breaks.

Duckface is the new Spaghetti Face. Slurp Slurp, Bitches.

I thin this might be photoshopped

Dance like no one is watching.

And then I told that Bitch, "Don't talk to me like I'm a goddamn Baby"

"I'm Benjamin fucking Button!"

Th, the ca... cat in the ha...

"Fuck this, I'll be a stripper!"

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