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Hulk vs Thing

Mar 16, 2012

Incredible Hulk vs The Thing

Who would win in the battle between The Hulk and The Thing? Two super heros who's key assets are brute force and energy. The Hulk using the power of green and the Thing using the power of orange.

I say the Hulk because he is driven by pure rage and is an unstoppable war machine while The Thing is split between the monster and the man which will ultimately put him at a disadvantage. Secondly, The Thing is made of stone, the Hulk is made of some sort of bulletproof self-regenerating armor which is far better. So yes, the Hulk would beat the Thing every time. Sorry Ben.

Incredible Hulk vs The Thing

However, if The Thing was being backed up by the whole Fantastic Four team it might be a different story. But taking teams into account, The Hulk has a son, a daughter and a bunch of other genetic offspring so the brawl of that magnitude would be awesome.