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Anniversary Gift Phenomenon

Sep 18, 2012

So wedding season is approaching. I can't speak for other places around the world but in Ontario, Canada, every year, this time of year usually has more weddings than any other month. Just something to think about, and share with us if there is another wedding season that you can think of.

Anyways, since so many couples have gotten married around this time of year, their anniversaries are coming up. One year, ten years, fifty years, whatever. So thanks to this cooky trend, I've been reading up on anniversary gifts and the likes. Lots of info out there. I'd like to thank, Wedding Anniversary Gifts for making the nightmare manageable. And while I don't believe people are meant to be together at all, let alone stuck together for years, people are solitary by nature and are just too dumb to realize intimacy is the leading cause of depression.

Fun Fact
The longest living married couple I could find is between "Karam Chand" & "Kartari Chand," married on 6 January 1925, married almost 88 years, living in Bradford, UK and both still alive and kicking.

I was unaware of the different categories of anniversary gifts, there are three by the way:
  •  Traditional
  •  Modern
  •  Flowers
So that's neat. It makes sense because the majority of the traditional gifts aren't very practical anymore, things like; copper and iron, they aren't used as gifts anymore, so they've been replaced with gifts like; travel, platinum, diamonds, etc. I don't know where the flowers came from but it makes sense.

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