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Einstein VS Tesla: Bright People

Sep 10, 2012

Albert Einstein - The Bomb
  •  Helped create Nuclear Weapon
  •  Helped killed Thousands
  •  Most talked about in books
  •  Worked for American Government
  •  Allowed his ideas to be used as weapon
  •  Has Statue in Washington DC, US Capital
Nikola Tesla - The Light
  •  The man who LIT the world
  •  The man who invented the Twentieth Century
  •   Forgotten and Died Poor
  •  Worked for the good of the World
  •  Threw away his best discoveries so no one can use it to KILL people
  •  Statue in the world's first Hydro-power plant in Niagara Falls 

Many people have heard of Albert Einstein and his Theory of Relativity (E=MC2). Most would consider him a genius although it is known that he was a Grade School dropout. Around the same time lived a man named Nikola Tesla. He came to America in the early 1900's as a scientist and inventor. He was responsible for many great discoveries, but it is not mentioned in history very much. He was responsible for Radio, Television, Fluorescent and Neon lighting, Helicopters, Lasers, Particle Beams and Alternating Current. If you haven't heard of him you should at least wonder why. William Lyne is himself an inventor and scientist. Mr. Lyne claims that when Tesla came to America, he had under his arm blueprints for possibly the world's first FLYING SAUCER and it flew without the need for external energy. He intended to present it to the Geneva Convention as a proposed solution for world peace and energy liberation. He had theories of Magnetism and Anti-gravity as well as other forms of "Free Energy". The story goes that Einstein was working as a clerk at the Swiss Patent office at the time that Tesla was applying for his patents. Alternating Current was in the position of putting DC out of business, which meant that Edison and Westinghouse would suffer. J.P. Morgan, a Skull and Bones Banking Frontman, was financing Westinghouse and attempted to make arrangements to secure Tesla's patents through con deals and contracts.

That's why you have a patenting industry and system. They steal ideas. That's how Einstein got to be who he was. He first worked in the patenting office in Switzerland. He served his high Masonic brothers very well, and they said, “We'll ma
ke you a famous scientist, my son.” That's how it really works in the real world; and this character Teller was no different.

He was given other scientists’ ideas who were not "in the know," as they say, because we're all profane at the bottom. We're all in “profanity.” We're “in the dark.” We believe the world as the media presents it to us, and keeps reinforcing it to us. These guys are "enlightened," because they're let "in on the know;" the psychopathic are the worthwhile bringing up there. They have all wonderful ideas to kill us off, and they come up with fantastic ideas for creating new types of weaponry, through high technology and science. We must remember too, there is so much credit given to these scientists. On the one hand, they always present almost an idealistic humanitarian character on the one side, when they write their obituaries for the public to consume, but there's always another side to these particular high characters.

If you look into all the Nobel Prize winners, you will see another side to them all, like Banting. Banting dissected dog after dog after dog, and transplanted livers into God knows what else with them, all kinds of weird stuff. It's just interesting watching them kick the bucket (which means to die), and measuring them, and how they died, and what's speed they die at with this method and that method, and all the rest of it. Really, there was another fellow who came up with the insulin idea, but Banting was a member of the Canadian military establishment, high scientist in viral and bacterial warfare, and so he got the right to be the famous man. That's how things really work. But whatever you read, there's always more to it.

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