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Music Revolution

Sep 10, 2012

You wanted the worst?
You got the worst.

Spare you from all the chart topping, teeny bopping disposable happy horseshit that brings up the bile from the back of my neck
I have no time or tolerance for shitty wack acts like that
I wouldn't piss on their cd's to piss out a fire
I'm tired of all those lame ass, tame ass, prefabricated sorry excuses for singers and musicians who don't even write their own songs
What the world needs now is a is a musical revolution
We need some rock, we need something that has balls
We need something with substance, depth, something with soul, some edge, some passion, some power
Shit if it's going to be mellow, fuck man it had better have something, it had better mean something
I'm telling, you gotta hit 'em with something hard, you gotta stick 'em with something Limp, like Limp Bizkit
I'm so fucking tired of this shit that I'm hearing on the radio
The same fucking songs over and over again
All the weak ones, all the disposable crap that isn't gonna matter in 3 months
It's just SHIT, (Hey) it's just crap Fred
Fred I'm telling you there's so much shit going on and we need some new music
What, what, what, what about Limp Bizkit?
Limp Bizkit is fucking cool, you guys are cool, the new record is great, but fuck all that other shit
I'm so sick of all that weak shit that's taking up streets and the charts

Hit me!
Fire cracker
So there you go, 15 of your hard earned dollars right out the window
Most expensive piece of plastic I've ever come across
15 dollars
15 dollars, on a shiny piece of plastic
There it is Limp Bizkit in all it's glory
Fred Durst, the man, the myth, the compulsive master
You love him, you hate him, you love to hate him


Once when I was afraid to speak, when I was just a lad
My pappy gave my nose a tweak and told me I was fat
Then I learned a brilliant word that save my aching nose, and the biggest word you've ever heard and this is how it goes
Supercalerfragalistic makes me alidosius
Even now the sound of it is something quite atrocious
Supercalerfragalistic makes me alidosius
Ah those were the days
I dunno
You got any more of that?

So what did you think you were getting a Celine Dion record?
No, no, no young bucky
You laughed, you cried, you just kissed your 15 bucks goodbye
Limp Bizkit, I don't think so
Fred Durst, I dunno
But what the hell, I got paid
Goodbye now

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