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Computer Trick: Batch Files

Sep 12, 2012

How to Make an Inescapable Batch File

Batch files can be fun, but they don't last because eventually the victim will just close the 50 new windows that just popped up. With this batch file,Windows will open up again and again indefinitely.

Not harmful in anyway shape or form, but can be very scary for someone if they don't know what is happening (could be misconstrued as a virus attack), or at the very lease be especially annoying because the new windows just pop back up faster than they can be exited.


  1. Open up Notepad.
  2. Copy the following code as it is shown:
    @echo off
    md 1
    md 2
    md 3
    md 4
    md 5
    md 6
    md 7
    md 8
    md 9
    md 0
    start 1
    start 2
    start 3
    start 4
    start 5
    start 6
    start 7
    start 8
    start 9
    start 0
    goto confirm
  3. Click 'file', and click 'save as...'
  4. Name it as "batchfiletest.bat" without the quotation marks.
  5. Click the drop-down arrow in the "save as type" box and select 'all files', and make sure the .bat is still at the end of the name of the file.
  6. Click 'save'.
  7. Open the batch file. It will make 10 new folders and open them. If you try to close a folder, it will re-open automatically!
  8. Close the command prompt to prevent the folders from reopening.


If you want to open more than 10 folders, or less than 10, simply continue:

md 11, md 12, md 13, and so on.
Put these lines right after the md 1, md 2, etc.,
or take out unneeded folders.
press ctrl+C to stop


  • Sending harmful batch files over the Internet might be illegal. We will not be held responsible for any problems resulting from sending a batch file over the Internet.
  • If you make too many folders open, your computer may freeze and possibly crash.
  • If these folders are going to be on your desktop and there are too many of them, your desktop could go completely black. You will still have all your files, but you will have to delete all the extra folders for the desktop to work again.
  • Do this at school at your own risk; messing with computers could result in detention, suspension and possibly expulsion.

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