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Popinator Tosses Popcorn at Your Mouth on Command

Sep 17, 2012

Just say "POP!" and the Popinator will aim and shoot a popcorn kernel right in your mouth.
Cool new gadget or a lawsuit waiting to happen?

There is something so brilliant and simple about the Popinator, a voice-controlled popcorn shooter that works on demand.

A Mashable reader has introduced us to Popcorn Indiana’s fully automated popcorn launcher that tosses popcorn at your mouth every time you say “pop.” Lounging on your couch? “Pop,” please. Making calls in the office? “Pop.” And perhaps, “pop” again.

What’s not to love about such a delightful piece of technology? It’s equipped with a microphone that recognizes the key word, decides your location and then launches a piece your way.

According to a sales representative for the company, the Popinator is just a prototype right now and it’s still in the planning stages, so you’ll have to sit tight for a bit longer. No word on pricing yet either.

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