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Jun 13, 2012

Copper Pennies + Clear Resin = Beautiful Floor.

If you want to try this: Save this picture and go to your local Home Improvement store and ask them what type of Clear Resin would work the best and what kind of under-lament would be needed. In this picture they had a concrete floor to work with. Yes, it would be cheaper than the average floor, if you did the work yourself. The price, including the cost of the pennies would probably range from $2.50 to $3.50 a square foot. 

Using pennies would be cheaper than tiles, easier to work with, flush and level. As well as the finished floor surface looking fantastic.

While your considering redecoration, take a look at this creative storage space solution.

Using ceiling rafter in the garage is common practice for home owners. But installing a simple sliding rack onto the ceiling is a great idea. Replacing the conventional basement/garage storage method of piling boxes and storage containers, cramming far too many things into a closet, never to open it again in fear of a land slide.

Utilizing the unused ceiling space is a move in the right direction toward creative storage space solutions that our perpetually accumulating and hoarding society desperately needs.

But, is the right course of action to improve personal storage space practices? Wouldn't this just allow people to hoard even worse? 

Instead of having boxes stacked from the floor to the ceiling, is having them from the ceiling to the floor better in any way? It might even be worse because a ceiling can only support so much weight before a bolt comes loose and containers fall on someone. 

However, back to the bigger issue at hand, the majority of modern societies have developed into an ever consuming cluster of individuals. Some would call it capitalism, however capitalism is merely a small part of the greater picture.

There are many triggers and causes that lead individuals to accumulating an excess of possessions. Nature, nurture, psychological, biological, impulsive buying, special offers, fear of not having enough and so many more.

There are so many levels of degree to which, over accumulation, hoarding, obsession, etc. can be analyses, debated, discussed and repeated. Every possible contributing factor, psychological, sociological and anthropological can to be analyzed. 

In the end serious professional expertise is needed to gain a better understanding of why people simply, want more. As countless other questions raise controversy and debate. Contributions from many fields will be supported. But ultimately there will be no perfect answer, no solution, at best we can work towards managing both the physical problems of spacial restrictions and the psychological perplexity of our reach extending our grasp.

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