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Make Money Selling XBoxs

Jun 7, 2012

For the purpose of this article we will be using an, XBox 360 250GB, which is currently priced at $300.


You have $100 on hand.
You need $200 more to buy the gaming console.
You borrow the $200 from the bank, (or wherever).
Now that you have $300, buy the XBox.
Sell the XBox at a discount online or whatever because everyone likes XBox.
Selling the XBox at $200 brand new will make it easy for you to sell.

How you will make your money:

You started with $100.
After you sold the XBox.
You now have $200.
You made a $100 profit.


Good job! You'll become rich so fast.


Don't take this guide seriously, it's intended to be a joke.

The plan depicted above will result in a net loss of $100.

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