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Jun 24, 2012

The concept of the separation of church and state refers to the distance in the relationship between organized religion and the nation state.

The concept of separation has been adopted in a number of countries, to varying degrees depending on the applicable legal structures and prevalent views toward the proper role of religion in society. A similar but typically stricter principle of laïcité has been applied in France and Turkey, while some socially secularized countries such as Norway, Denmark and the UK have maintained constitutional recognition of an official state religion. The concept parallels various other international social and political ideas, including secularism, disestablishment, religious liberty, and religious pluralism. Whitman (2009) observes that in many European countries, the state has, over the centuries, taken over the social roles of the church, leading to a generally secularized public sphere.

The degree of separation varies from total separation mandated by a constitution, to an official religion with total prohibition of the practice of any other religion, as in the Maldives.

The model of separating church and state works, and applying that structural logic to practices within state needs to be done. For example, separating males and females will better everyone's lives, in the short and even more in the long term quality of life. Both factions of course will be given equal rights and resources, it's a matter of improving the environment of all human beings.

For starters schools will need to be remodeled, by either having schools split into the respective genders, with each having it's own facilities and fulling furnished institutions. Or having separate schools entirely. Moving outside of school, the media will be reformatted, each faction will have it's own specially programmed content. No longer will confrontation over which program should be on or dissatisfying subject matter viewed be of concern.

Well organized media content shall be managed by all authorities associated; government sector, educational, developmental and parental. For example sites will be analyzed mercilessly by both human involvement and sophisticated web-crawlers. Sites most relevant and suitable for an individual will be available and those deemed unethical or restricted will never even be known to the individual.

Youth of this future will be privileged to grow up in a world were the dangers of corrupting influences are unimaginable. A child will be free to expand it's time and energy on further expanding it's intelligence, understanding and world.

Talk is all fun and good but it wont chance the world. The question at hand is how are we to build this magnificent world for future generations? If these advanced children would be here now they would be able to devise arrangements in bettering the world, but in order for them to begin we must start the evolution. The paradox is similar to that of the chicken and the egg, an egg needs a chicken to lay it, but a chicken needs to be an egg, so which came first. I think for the obstacle of the new world, we must be patient and fearless because maybe years of work and waiting are required to create the new breed with the resources we have available at hand, but it will create a new future were they can do the same and  thus create a future greater than their own. Ultimately forming the foundations of evolution and a future superior to any that we can conceive in our present day.

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