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The 'Doctor Who' MMORPG

Jun 12, 2012

Geronimo! A massive multiplayer role playing game created by BBC World Wide and Three Rings allows users to step into the TARDIS for puzzle solving adventure in Doctor Who: Worlds in Time.

The first ever Doctor Who online game. Explore the universe with your friends or make some new ones. Solve puzzles to defeat classic foes. The time stream has begun to shatter and the Doctor has started recruiting adventurers to assist him with putting the universe back together before it falls apart.

Travel through time and space reliving familiar stories and completely new story lines.

Adventure with friends, form a team and watch each others backs whilst using your sonic screwdriver to complete challenges of; lock-picking,repair, hacking, wits, defense and barricading.

Decorate your very own room on the Tardis with furniture, collectables and upgrade your sonic screwdriver.

In think, Doctor Who: Worlds in Time is a cool new game with good potential. For those who were, and therefore are (because you can never stop being a Doctor Who fan) a fan of The Doctor need to check out the game because it is fantastic and at least worth a try even if you aren't a dedicated gamer. And for those who do enjoy games regularly I think DW:WiT is one that you should consider considering the diverse and playful gaming environment. Also, if the game becomes half as wonderful as the show, it's a real winner.

You can play here.

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