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R2D2: The Bad Influence

Jun 13, 2012

We all know the friendly robot R2D2 of Star Wars, assisting Luke with hiding Light Sabers and opening encrypted doors. But common, does nobody remember the things that profanity spewing swear-bot said?

Every single word dear old R2D2 spoke had to be bleeped out. Maybe it wasn't R2D2's choice to swear, he was after all created by the Republic, the ones who programmed C3PO with the 6 million languages or so. Perhaps they intended to be partners, contracting character traits of sorts. One capable of communicating in any language of the universe, and the other speaking only of vulgarity.

I must note that C3PO does not swear once in a single movie, sequel, prequel, spin off, etc.

So what do I think of a swearing robot? Well it was very brass of George Lucus. However the fact that R2D2's every word was bleeped to me created a sort of new language, one that consists of beeps and boops, C3PO was able to understand this new language. And as they say, languages become easier to learn one after another therefore after the six-millionth it must be a piece of cake.

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