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People Pay Less, Company Cuts Corners

Jun 29, 2012

I was at the grocery store today, and I was looking at some everyday low prices items and they were set so cheap. I'm no Price is Right wizard or anything but correct me if I’m wrong but here’s some examples; $3.00 for a 4 pack of gum, $1.00 for a box of cookies and $0.67 for a watermelon. Aren’t prices supposed to increase over time due to inflation? But the prices are going lower, something’s has got to give and if they don’t then the bottoms going to fall out and food prices are going to sky rocket in my opinion.

The way I see it is, consumers want to spend as little as possible for the things they buy every day, in order to keep customers happy and coming back, big companies are pressured to keep prices down and thus they must cut costs. Doing this means laying off employees, cutting corners, sacrificing customer services and more. How low can prices actually go? Everything for a penny stores? That would never work.

So many people refuse to spend money on food and things they need so companies have to drop the prices in order to move items off the shelves then when the company can’t afford to keep the staff or the stores they must let employees go. I know it’s only a fraction of the population that is subject to these criteria. And of course placing blame will not solve anything, we should all know that, but even though it stands to reason consumers are driven by greed, selfishness, shortsightedness, irresponsibility and a whole host of undesirable character traits they cannot be expected to be held responsible for the bigger picture. Consumers are merely cogs in the machine that is known as capitalism. But all cogs must be created somehow, I do not believe in an all-powerful individual who controls the economy and no evil conglomerate of executives mold the world’s money to suit their own goals. It is all just a cycle of cause and effect, A leads to B, B leads to C, C leads to A, and the cycle grows and continues and changes and repeats over and over manifesting itself in every crevice of humanity and inevitably evolving into something new and better or dies off. Natural selection is not just for animals anymore, when an entity develops a life of its own it becomes capable of evolution and can either adapt and advance or fall extinct.

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