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Craft Wars Crap

Jun 29, 2012

I saw a commercial on IFC for a new series of theirs called Craft Wars. It seems to be yet another installment on the ever growing list of terrible reality television shows with less than a snowballs chance of success. It’s basically about taking three craft fanatics and giving them a pile of junk and they must create something in the time allotted, such as a bench. It’s an awful premise. I anticipate the series to be cancelled before the first season is over. Maybe if they can do better than the average they will be picked back up, but even though the bar is set so low I don’t think they have even that in the potential.

Now the host is a blonde lady with two co-hosts, one male one female (obviously), and the main host is utterly grotesque, her face scares me, and her personality is uneasy right off the bat. She looks like an over cosmetisized plastic surgery train wreck due to a series of failed botched surgeries one after another. With so much crap on television the last thing the world needs is another mind numbing, stupefying superficial epic failure.

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