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Weasel Stomping Day

Jun 15, 2012

Weasel Stomping Day falls on June 31.

The lyrics describe a fictitious holiday, which involves putting on hiking boots and a Viking helmet, spreading mayonnaise on one's lawn and stomping weasels to death. It's indicated that the participants don't know the history behind it and are at peace with the violent nature of holiday, doing it anyway because it's "tradition" (similar to The Simpsons episode "Whacking Day"). The song's cheery melody, reminiscent of animated musical specials of the 1960s, is punctuated by sounds of weasels being flattened. Robot Chicken's stop-motion music video generally follows the lyrics, and graphically depicts weasels being crushed, smashed, and pulverized in various ways. A character wearing a PETA T-shirt takes part in the weasel-stomping activities.

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