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Owls and Seagulls Unfortunately Die

Jun 29, 2012

I find the nature of the end of birds lives interesting, in particular those of the Owl and Seagull.

For starters when an Owl knows it is going to die, it will not dig a grave or make emends. An owl will perch itself upon a branch and fall to the ground when it dies. This is sad to me. Among the Kikuyu of Kenya it was believed that owls were harbingers of death. If one saw an owl or heard its hoot, someone was going to die.

Also seagulls have a unique way of dying. To my understanding what they do is fly out toward the middle of the ocean, as far as they can go and when it’s time to die, fall to the water and it's done. If this is true I do not know because we cannot ask them. Maybe they simply fly away from land where they live in search for food or following fishing boats for easy food but cannot make it back to land to rest. It could be their nature to fly out to the ocean to die, as a way of not spreading desease to it's fellow birds once decomposition begins or maybe it is done to prevent predators from eating their bodies once they have died.

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