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Eye Knife Story

Jun 29, 2012

Did you heard about that guy last week who was training to be a chef? He was learning about the knifes and when he got to the ones used for chopping he was puzzled because looking at the blade at one angle it looked much bigger, but at a different angle the blade seemed to get smaller and smaller and disappear. So this fellow had the bright idea to gaze upon the blade with the tip close to his eye, with the handle away from his face, he looked closer at the blade, moving closer and closer trying to figure out why it looked the way it did. A funny thing about the human eye, the pupil and its underlying tissue has no nerve endings and thus cannot feel anything, which is why they don’t need to use anesthetic when preforming eye surgery. The man continued to look closer at blade until it pierced the center of his eye, unable to feel or see what had happened the man continued to inch the blade deeper into his eye, unaware of what was happening, deeper and deeper all the way back until it scratched his skull. This alarmed the man and he retracted the blade, while doing so the angle had adjusted and consequentially opened the tare in the retinal-tissue further. From this point on the damage worsened, by now the poor man’s supervisor noticed what was happening and called an ambulance. The paramedics were able to stop the bleeding but the doctor was forced to remove the nearly split irreparable eye ball from the man’s head. 

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