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National Leaders Tree Solution

Jun 24, 2012

Answers to where the 10 recognized faces reside. The likeliness and subjects are however not given due to the nature of the illustrations origins.

Try the original image without solutions here, National Leader Tree.
National Leaders Tree cheat answer given proof. Origin, artist, solution.
National Leaders Tree Solution

- 10 National Leaders
- 1 Hidden face

National Leaders Tree Solution

The National Leaders Tree was drawn in the 1880's by an unnamed illustrator for Harper's Illustrated. It has been variously claimed to represent Indian leaders, South American leaders, and Russian leaders. It originally was meant to illustrate British leaders.

The reason for this illustration to be applicable over such a span in time makes me think of how people want to see meaning in everyday occurrences. It is very interesting. Because the creator is unnamed and from long ago we cannot look to him/her to tell us who the faces were meant to depict, perhaps they were intentionally done in a way that could be construed as many different people with the intent that the representation exceed any individuals and develop a life of its very own.

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